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Festivals Season




After spending what, 2 years without Carnival and all the glorious events, I think we can all agree it’s been missed. The liveliest time of the year is back like it never left.

We’ve had the best summers thanks to Carnival and all the activities that it comes with. It could be a beach event, a boat ride, golf course – wherever, whatever.

Carnival 2022 will be a large celebration with events back to back. You can expect events like B.O.D.Y, Color Me Red, Carnival Queen Show, U4RIA. Events Saint Lucia has it all listed here so keep up and get on board.

It’s not certain as to whether Carnival will be Mega J to Mega J but it will be enjoyed regardless, yeah? You’re required to be fully vaccinated, and as for the other protocols; well we’ll just see how things go.

Expect the fun, the alcohol, the bands, the festivities, dancing, doing jouvert. Expect the excitement, the nostalgia!

Get your monies together. Gather your crew. Have your outfit on lock. For revelers, get your gym body and get ready for the season. Yes we’re in a pandemic, how can we forget but you see Carnival 2022? There won’t be anything sweeter than that.


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